Preserving the Heritage of Your Home

heritage-homePreserving the heritage of your home can be very rewarding. There are offers available to assist you to conserve your home and simultaneously help protect any built heritage.

Staying in older houses often means struggling not to sacrifice its historic character, while still trying to make it suit your needs. Effective and regular maintenance is very important in older homes to help slow down the deterioration process, and, keep your house a pleasant and safe place to inhabit. It is only sensible to keep a checklist and put together a maintenance program. Keeping an older structure dry should be first on a maintenance list. Routinely check drains, downpipes, guttering’s and roof coverings to ensure they are in good condition.

If your property is listed or is located in a conservation location, permission may be required in order to carry out repairs instead of just carrying out maintenance work. Discovering the construction and style of your house is useful when undertaking repair and maintenance, this helps guide your thoughts about any adjustments you may desire to make.

As per English Heritage, you’ll need Listed Building Consent for any project to a listed property that involves demolition, extensions, or alterations and will influence its character as a property of special historic or architectural interest.

Certain conservation areas are a matter of special controls, particularly when the local agency wants to protect specific building features, like windows or doors. Call your local agency if you’re uncertain.

The Victorian days started when Queen Victoria ascended the throne in 1837 and ended in the year 1901. It’s split architecturally into various phases. Furnishings and Windows can be especially authentic if you carry out your research well. Sliding sash windows at the Victorian period were common, even so, during the 1870’s. Queen Anne’s Revival style emerged , which saw glazing bars returning.

The Georgian period began in the year 1714, and is believed to have ended in the year 1820. This overlapped with the Regency period. It was a little bit of a confusing time with several stylistic variations. The double-hung sash windows were the preferred windows of that period. It’s thought that hardly any Georgian windows were built to a normal size. The mid-Georgian sash window was typically of six-over-eight panes. As that 100 years progressed nevertheless, they were overtaken by larger-sized windows, two-over-two or even four-over-four panes. Glazing bars were much thinner and had more refined look.… Continue Reading...

How to Choose Lighting for Your Home

home-lightingThere are several things that can make your home look great, add aesthetic value, as well as make it much more welcoming. One of them is the kind of lighting system for your home that you prefer to use. If you are a first time home-owner, then it can be quite confusing because of the many options available in the market. However, with good research and consultations you will always get a system that will meet your unique needs.

To begin with, you should know that there are three categories that you can choose from irrespective of the type of where you reside. These are ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. As a matter of fact, these will always differ based on brand and model. Also, the pricing and quality of the lighting will vary based on variable factors like material used to make them.

A good lighting system for your home should bring out your personality and define your likes and preferences. For instance, while choosing ambient lighting ensure that it can provide enough light for the whole room. Importantly, It should be independent of any interference and is able to cater for the space in any given room. Oftentimes, it can take many forms including ceiling fixtures and wall sconces.

The task lighting is always projected in one area and should not be interfered with other lighting whatsoever. In this case, they are best suited for kitchen counters and study areas. You can also consider using this lighting in your home office. If you get the correct lighting system in areas where tasks are performed, then it is more likely that you will enjoy benefits that come with increased productivity.

The accent lighting category can best be used for bringing attention to certain areas or objects in the house. In many cases, it is used outside the house. However, it can be used to bring attentions to sculptures located inside the house. It all depends on the purpose which you want it to serves. All in all, you are advised not to compromise on the quality of lighting system that you install in your home.

There are a number of things that you must always consider before choosing lighting system. These include; your home décor,  type of decorative fixtures that will define your personality, and brand. Of course, the best brands are those that will offer you high utility value and are durable.… Continue Reading...

Adding Value to a Home with Crown Molding

Crown molding is an architectural feature that can make a room more interesting. It can make the ceiling look higher, and it can make a room look more finished. Installing crown molding won’t increase your home value as much as a kitchen or bathroom upgrade would. All you require for successful crown molding installation is some material, a good mitre saw (check out the miter saw I recommend here: Makita LS1216L Review: Everything you need to know) and some elbow grease. It is also possible that crown molding by itself would result to a break even. Here are important points when installing crown molding.

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Match the Style

It’s important for your home to have a unified style or design. Make sure your crown molding matches this. A traditional looking design matches with an ornate and detailed crown molding. For craftsman-styled or modern themes, it’s best to stick with clean lines.

You should also take note of the height of your ceiling. If yours are less than 10 feet in height, you should opt for an inch or less in crown molding height. Although, this isn’t technically a “rule”, this is a good basis for your design idea. The aim is to make the crown molding look like it was an intended part of your home.

Make It Part of the General Look

Installing crown molding in a very old looking room would make it stick out like a sore thumb. Check if there are areas in your house that needs an upgrade or a repaint before getting crown molding in. This way all the elements in the room, including the flooring, light fixtures, and wallpaper, would match. If you can, try to upgrade the baseboards at the same time. Do note though that commercial baseboards and an ornate crown molding is a poor combination.

crown molding

Don’t Overdo the Upgrade

This is a common mistake. A high-end finish in a mid-range neighborhood would not necessarily mean an increase to the value. If it does, it wouldn’t always be worth the cost. Try to look at the common crown molding being used in your neighborhood; look at recent open and sold listings so you can get an idea of what buyers are looking for.

When deciding on the crown molding for your home, don’t go too far from what’s in your area. Don’t install something way beyond, but don’t choose something that’s below average.… Continue Reading...

The Advantages of Automatic Controlled Garage Door Opener


prodotti-93978-rel2a11c31954e64009abda244938e67287As technology progresses over the years, many innovations have come forward for many things. The world is becoming more modernized, allowing these innovations to be readily available in the market. These changes and updates have become vital as everything is also changing. Among them is the garage door opener. Here are some of the advantages of its modern version:

Conformity to the current safety standards

Most Pretoria East garage doors you found in the 90s is already obsolete for today. The reason is that it no longer conforms to the current federal safety standards. Although you are not required to replace your antique door, doing so will only be good for you.


With just a click of a button, you can already gain entry to your garage. You no longer have to get out and in of your car to open the garage door before you can go inside and park.

Total Security Measures

A lot of automated garage doors are available in the market. Almost all of them have sensors to detect any objects that may be in the way. It prevents your kids and pets being accidentally pinned inside the door. You can also make use of the opener’s lock button option to block anyone who would try and open the door, even with the remote control.  Special thanks to the guys from for sharing their knowledge on garage doors.Continue Reading...

Do this before you call in the professional plumber

clogged pipeOne of the most common issues that plumbers have to address, is clogged pipes. This can be caused by a variety of reasons, and can thus be dificult to troubleshoot. Anything from hair, to dirt and grass, as well as small pieces of food can clog up a pipe, leaving you in a pickle. Plumbers ask call-out fees, and a visit can quickly become quite expensive. With this guide I hope to give you a few initial steps you can take before you call in the pro’s.

These steps have cleared all but two of the clogged drains I have ever come up against. For the other two clogged pipes, I had to call in Drain Ratz|Pretoria East Plumbers to do the dirty work for me.

The typical response by most homeowners would be to get the biggest bottle of drain cleaner available, and pouring that down the pipe. Personally I have had varied levels of success with drain cleaner, and just using it makes me a little nervous. This liquid is incredibly dangerous, and can easily be ingested by oneself, by pets or even worse, a small child. I prefer to steer clear of drain cleaner, unless nothing else has done the trick.

The first thing I do, is to boil some water. Boiling water poured down a clogged drain, will quite often dislodge smaller particles. This barely costs anything, except for 2minutes of your time. Well, worth the effort when comparing to a call-out fee.

If the boiling water doesn’t make any impact, I grab the vinegar and baking soda. These two items are pieces of the larger puzzle, and usually won’t clear the clogged drain by themselves. Rather they help in loosening some particles, so that the next steps are more effective.

Pour a cup and a half of baking soda into the drain. Try to get it as far down the drain as possible. Leave it be for a few minutes, before pouring 4 cups of white vinegar over the baking soda.

This concoction will produce a foaming, frothing mess that tend to offend the nostrils. It will foam up, and then slowly subside as it goes down the drain.

Once the foam (and the smell) has died down, it is time for the next step. The trusty wire coat hanger. Grab a hanger, and straighten it out with a really tiny hook at the end. Slowly manuevre the tiny hook into the drain, until you feel some resistance.… Continue Reading...

Making a good impression on potential buyers with a well maintained garden

I must admit I liked the original reviews of the WORX GT hedger and trimmer a whole lot as well as believed it was a great cordless leaner and particularly a good lawn edger. Early units had a few hiccoughs with the electric batteries which WORX solved. The brand-new 2.0 has actually refined the WORX GT right into one of the most effective trimmers on the marketplace. Let’s touch base on a few of these features.

nicely trimmed hedge

I have stated it prior to and I will certainly claim it once more, the WORX GT is an awesome edger. You just turn the head and also apply the aesthetic wheel. It cuts actually nice lines and also since it’s so light, it’s a wind to run. Fully adjustable manages and also telescoping body allows for an ideal fit despite dimension. The line feeds instantly and also it’s fast and also simple to alter out pre-loaded spools of line.

An effective leaner, rolled edger and also mini-mower all in one bundle– the Worx GT 2.0 garden tool is ideal for uneven home landscapes. The WORX GT trimmer/edger is best for a particular kind of homeowner. Generally an individual that doesn’t want to keep fuel or bargain with the maintenance entailed in possessing a gas-powered leaner.

The WORX GT utilizes changeable cartridges with the spindle for life program. The car feed hvac system on the WORX GT does a wonderful work of leaving the line length.

Perfect for metropolitan families where storage goes to a costs however a string leaner is still useful to have.

I should admit I suched as the original WORX GT a great deal and also assumed it was an excellent cordless trimmer and also especially a good edger. The brand-new 2.0 has actually fine-tuned the WORX GT into one of the ideal trimmers on the market. I have claimed it just before as well as I will say it once more, the WORX GT is an amazing lawn edger. A powerful trimmer, wheeled edger as well as mini-mower all in one plan– the Worx GT 2.0 is perfect for irregular cottage surface.

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How testing for asbestos can save you 1000s when selling your home

Selling a home is often an emotional time for many, and can be very stressful. It is never easy saying goodbye to a home where children were raised, and memories were made. At the same time, it can be a joyful time with excitement in the air. Before you consider selling your home, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that your home sells quick, and for the price you want.

In this first article in the series, we will be looking at asbestos testing and how it can save you thousands upon thousands of dollars when selling your home. If your house is more than three decades old, there is a good chance that asbestos containing materials might have been used during construction. Finding these materials in your home, is no cause for concern just yet.

If these materials have been damaged or cracked, you need to consider getting a professional contractor in to do the proper testing. If these tests are positive for asbestos, your family’s health is in danger. Asbestosis claims many lives each year, and is an illness that can lie dormant for a very long time. Often asbestosis sufferers were exposed to asbestos while growing up in their parent’s homes, only to start suffering from the symptoms many years later.

asbestos testing and removalBefore you consider listing your property, contact a local asbestos testing company and get the proper tests done. If there are asbestos containing materials that have been damaged, it is better to know so beforehand. Then you can take the proper steps for abatement of the asbestos containing materials.

If the materials have not been damaged, you are obliged to inform any potential buyers of the risk. Quite often new owners might want to do some remodelling, and it would be a nasty surprise to have to spring for an asbestos removal project, in the middle of renovating.

I hope that this article has opened your eyes as to how an asbestos testing contractor can be a lifesaver in the long run.… Continue Reading...